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KWARC Awards

last updated 1982

The purpose of this document is to set out procedures on how awards are to be made to individuals and or groups of members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio club.

The committee recognizes that there are times when individuals and groups have been more than spectators to the club; who have gone that extra mile unselfishly to promote not only the ideals of the club but those of the Amateur Radio fraternity as well.

There are also those times when individual, and groups have donated awards to the club with certain provisions on how they should be awarded.

Over the years, the intent of these awards has been forgotten or changed to some degree. It was for this reason that the executive of the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club by resolution asked that a committee be struck with the following mandate:

  1. Catalogue and verify all existing awards

  2. Examine the criteria of existing awards to ensure it has not changed over the years,

  3. Propose a set of guidelines for the handling of all awards that are in existence and for those that may be presented to the club by individuals or groups in the future.

  4. Make recommendations to the executive for any award, that were not issued in previous years.



The following represents the unanimous recommendations of the committee to the executive of the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club.

  1. A permanent committee be formed to be known as the Awards Committee consisting of:

  1. Past President - Chairman

  2. Vice President

  3. Field Day Coordinator with a mandate to, but not limited to the following:

1.1) Keep a permanent record of all awards presented to club members.

1.2) On the request of the Club President, but not later than the last meeting held in the month of June, make recommendation(s) on what awards are to be presented and the respective recipient(s). In this respect, it is not necessary that all, or any, awards be awarded if the awards committee does not feel that justification exists for an award to be given.

1.3) Ensure, that any new awards that are presented to the club to be earned by club members, that full documentation is obtained from the donor as to the criteria for identifying an eligible recipient and method of awarding.

1.4) Any awards given to members from outside organizations to which a member was performing a club service, the original award is to be kept by the awards committee for archival purposes with a suitable copy being given to the recipient.

1.5) Where possible, have award presented to the eligible recipient by the donor or their designate.

1.6) Take all action necessary to ensure recipients of awards are present at the time designated for the award ceremony.

1.7) In respect to the Amateur of the year award, ensure the respective spouse of the recipient is present.

2.0) That all outstanding awards be presented as soon as possible to the respective recipients.

Amateur Of The Year Award

PURPOSE: To recognize outstanding achievements and contributions of a club member during a club year.

RECIPIENT: Any member in good standing.

METHOD: The method of choosing a recipient shall be by secret ballot submitted by all club members at a regular club meeting so designated.

PRESENTATION: The award shall be presented by the club past president or his designate at the annual club dinner. Every effort shall be made to have the spouse of the recipient present, and a photographer in attendance.


  1. This award is not to be held by the same person two years in a row.

  2. To be awarded for any activity in amateur radio.

  3. The recipient must be a member of KWARC during the selection year and the year following.

  4. The recipient will receive a suitably engraved plaque.

Past President Award

PURPOSE: This award was instituted to recognize an individual who has provided continued leadership as a member of the executive.

RECIPIENT: Past president meeting the following criteria.

CRITERIA: The recipient of this award must serve at least two years on the executive directorate with at least one of those in the capacity of President of the club.

This award is to be presented to the recipient at the club's annual dinner by the incumbent President. A picture shall be taken for archival purposes. Eligibility for this award begins on the day the recipient becomes a past president.

President's Award

PURPOSE: This award is to honour individual(s) who by their actions have made an outstanding contribution(s) to the club.

RECIPIENT: The recipients are chosen by the past president.

CRITERIA: At the pleasure of the past president.

PRESENTATION: To be presented to the respective individual(s) at the annual dinner by the past president.

Field-Day Award

PURPOSE: The purpose of this award is to recognize those individual(s) who have participated in the official ARRL/RAC 'Field Day' event held annually.

RECIPIENT: Anyone participating in the field day event.

CRITERIA: The recipients of this award must have provided valuable service at the field day event for the current year.

PRESENTATION: This award shall be presented by the field day coordinator at the annual club dinner.


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