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Executive Board Meeting Tuesday August 13th /2001
at President Dennis Tabbert VA3DLT QTH

Present: Dennis Tabbert VA3DLT,  Dave Johnson VA3MRJ, Bob Mckie VA3MCK, Ron Gravelle VA3TVS, Bill Graham VE3ETK, Paul Cassel VE3SY, David Schwartz VA3DGS, Ben Sasiela VA3BNY

Paul Cassel, VE3SY started off with an IRLP report. We now have access to IRLP on VHF, simply tune to 147.580 simplex, PL 131.8, this is not a reflector but rather a 30 watt simplex base radio. Paul also explained that IRLP is being transmitted on the internet on , 24hrs a day, 7 days per week. You can of course access IRLP on 444.875 PL 131.8 as well.

Bob Mckie, VA3MCK, last years President thanked Paul on a personal level for all his time and hard work making this new technology perform as smooth as it does. Thank you Paul.

Dave Schwartz, VA3DGS, KWARC Treasurer gave a financial statement: we are $3,000 ahead of the game.

Dave Johnson, VA3MRJ, Program Director, motioned the auto patch be "open", all were in favour of this change and he briefly described the upcoming years line up.

Bill Graham, VE3ETK, Vice President, asked if we as a whole could get support for Field Day up a notch or two. We'll have to work on supporting this request.

Ron Gravelle, VA3TVS, CANWARN Co-ordinator thanked all who supported the "outbreak" on July 4th, we had 7 confirmed tornadoes and all spotters did a fantastic job. Thank you all spotters.

Ben Sasiela, VA3BNY, gave a tech report. The NASA link is on 147.510 simplex. Anyone with a VHF radio can listen to recent launches. KSR has a full back-up radio, just in case.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:40pm

Ron Gravelle VA3TVS
KWARC Secretary

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