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Executive Board Meeting Tuesday September 04th /2001

Present: Dennis Tabbert VA3DLT, Bill Graham VE3ETK, Ron Gravelle VA3TVS, Dave Johnson VA3MRJ, Bob McKie VA3MCK, Ed Spike VE3TCK, Ben Sasiela VA3BNY, Larry Gorman VE3LGN, Dave Schwartz VA3DGS, Paul Cassel VE3SY
Minutes taken by Ron Gravelle VA3TVS, KWARC Secretary, 

Meeting started at 7:45pm

Ben (VA3BNY) Technical Chairman, had a report on Field Day, located at Doon Pioneer Village, all had a great time and he wanted to thank Wendy Connell for all her efforts to make the day run smooth and trouble free. Thank you Wendy.

Ron (VA3TVS) CANWARN coordinator, had a Net summary for the events up to and including this day of September 4th. This year was fairly active with 6 official nets, the most active day was of course on July 4th, when we were under condition RED with seven (7) confirmed tornado touchdowns. I'm happy to report no injuries or deaths with this round of severe weather. Ron mentioned the spotter BBQ, on August 25th at his home in Kitchener. There were some 30 people including Mr. Randy Mawson (VE3TRW) and his wife Judy. Ron is also in discussions with the Region for high speed internet access at the Fire Hall for his Net Controllers. He is also doing a storm chasing presentation on Monday September 10th at our usual club meeting location at the 404 Wing on Dutton Drive.

Bill (VE3ETK) Vice President, is hoping to attract new members and perk up the public interest a bit by having a public showing of amateur radio at one of the local area malls in the near future. He'll keep us informed of his plans so let's show him some support by doing what we can. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

Ron Gravelle VA3TVS
KWARC Secretary

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