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The meeting was called to order at 7:32 PM. At the time of Roll Call there were 46 people in attendance.

Bill VE3ETK made a brief announcement regarding the HTX-202 for sale at Busters.

President Dennis VA3DLT introduced Paul SY and his presentation on E-Bay.

With large screen projection, and a combination of on-line internet connection to E-bay and Power Point graphics we had a busy hour and a half of powerful information on how to use E-Bay effectively. During that time we watched the clubs items for sale escalate in value to a handsome sum.

Coffee Break was called at 9:02 - During this time Paul VE3SY demonstrated how to take good pictures for E-bay, and how to set up a sellers page.

We regrouped at 9:32

The 50/50 draw rewarded Greg VE3NXB with $25.00

Ron VE3DBD announced that the upcoming Basic Course would begin the first full week in April.

Gord VE3RGG moved for adjournment at 9:35

Larry VE3LGN
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