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February 4,2002 General Meeting

The meeting was opened at 7:42 PM

34 people were present at roll call.

Bill VE3ETK requested unused keys and Advanced Amateur study guides from the members.

Hugh VE3IYG informed all of needs for the Flea Market to be held Sat. June 8/02 a the Fergus Community Centre.

Paul VE3SY spoke briefly about the GE Master II he had set up for demonstration, along with at CAT 500 controller. This is to be installed at VE3RBM site, which is used primarily for IRLP. The unit is identical to two that are on hold awaiting a decision at the Executive Meeting for purchase to replace (and serve as standby) the old VE3KSR equipment.

Ron VE3DBD spoke briefly about the Basic Amateur Course to start April 2/02 at St. Mary's High School. Ron handed out fliers for distribution.

Dave VA3MRJ announced that because of his recent layoff our guest speaker no longer had the resources needed to be our guest speaker for the evening. Instead Dave provided us with a selection of video tapes, all on ham radio subjects. The assembly chose the ZL9CI Dxpedition to Campbell Island, so at 7:55 we watched part II of this tape. At the end we had our usual coffee break. Part I followed.

The 50/50 draw was won by Bill VE3WFR with a prize of $17.50.

At 9:25 Dennis VA3DLT announced a motion to provide Hugh VE3IYG with an advance of $100.00 for Flea Market prizes. Dave VA3DGS (Treasurer) pointed out that this should be a float, as per our agreements with Guelph, that an advance this year could easily become a permanent matter. The membership was assured that this was a one time only situation. The motion was carried by a marginal vote, with a large number of abstentions.

Upon Dennis' invitation Ben VA3BNY spoke about replacing the VE3KSR controller with a CAT 1000 unit, making a mention of funds raised through E-bay. He moved acceptance of this expenditure. Larry VE3LGN seconded the motion.

Dave VA3MRJ addressed the group that this motion was misplaced, that this was the wrong forum, as the matter was already under progress with the Executive. Dave then moved to table the motion, which was seconded by (?Marg VE3RE) and carried.

Paul VE3SY clarified the motion made by the Executive at it's last meeting regarding the Equipment Replacement Fund using funds from Estate Sales and via E-bay. It became clear that there was already more than enough money in the fund to cover the proposed controller and two GE Master II repeaters presently on hold for KWARC. The Executive will conclude its motion on this and the results reported to the membership.

Ron VE3DBD asked at what dollar amount the Executive was required to bring a vote on expenditures before the general membership. No one had an answer, and the Minutes or previous meetings will have to be searched.

A motion for adjournment was made at 9:35PM

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