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Minutes of the regular meeting of the membership of the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club, September 14 1998

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by club president Paul Cassel VE3SY with 86 in attendance. Paul issued a welcome to all club members as we begin the new season and welcomed all visitors with a brief introduction and history of KWARC. An update on the status of honorary member Fred Hammond VE3HC was given and all were encouraged that Fred is now enjoying his favored milkshakes and ice cream again. Following this, the wireless mike was passed around for general introductions.

After the introductions, Program Coordinator Ben Sasiela VA3BNY outlined the program schedule for the upcoming year. Ben then introduced David Johnson VA3MRJ and his wife Brenda who gave a well-received talk on their recent trip sailing from Georgian Bay to the Bahamas. David made good use of his amateur radio talents on this trip, keeping in touch with various HF traffic nets and communicating via email over HF PACTOR gateways.

John Schreiter VE3DOS, ARES/Canwarn Coordinator, said that the Canwarn station had been successfully relocated from the Baden Hill repeater site to Waterloo fire-hall #1. John reminded all ARES volunteers that there would be a traffic handling exercise held at Mutual Life on the evening of September 17. John also informed the membership that the KWARC ARES group would further refine their skills while providing communication support for the Oktoberfest bicycle race October 11 to prepare for a planned test of the Waterloo Regional Emergency Plan on October 27.

After a coffee and fellowship intermission, the meeting resumed at 9:00 with president Paul giving a history of the construction of the club’s 220 repeater VE3IXY and why it had been anticipated that the membership would be asked to approve the sale of the apparently under-utilized repeater to cover some required major repair expenses to VE3KSR. The club learned that those repairs (a new antenna) were going to be much less expensive due to the actions of Terry Taylor VE3NEJ and that it was no longer necessary to entertain any offers for the sale of VE3IXY. During the discussion, several members and guests expressed support for retaining the 220 repeater and a motion was made by Gerry O’Robko VE3DYY, seconded by Bill Aver VE3WDL, that ‘KWARC continue to own and support the operation of the 220 repeater known as VE3IXY for the foreseeable future.’ This motion was passed by a show of hands from the membership with 2 opposed. President Paul then noted that the subject of the disposition of this repeater be considered closed.

Tedd Doda VE3TJD gave a summary of the recent changes to the packet radio infrastructure in this area. The digipeater VE3KWQ has been upgraded from running ancient ‘TheNet’ firmware to the modern FlexNet system with many benefits to system performance as well as a reduction in complexity. Larry Gorman VE3LGN informed the members that the WWPUG meetings will resume October 6 and continue to be held on the evening following the KWARC meeting at 7:30 at the Ratz-Bechtel hospitality centre at the rear of 621 King St. W. Kitchener.

Other items of note included:

  • an account of the visit the CBL transmitter site by Paul Cassel VE3SY and others
  • Harold Braun VE3DWH gave a QCWA report, noting that the next chapter meeting would be held on October 17 at the Plainsman Restaurant and that the Ontario section of the QCWA was to host the international convention in 2000.
  • The 50/50 draw was made by Walter Baxter VE3NEI and the winner was Norm Perrault VE3DEQ
  • Walter Baxter VE3NEI was presented with the Marshal Killen Memorial Field Day Trophy by Field Day Coordinator Dave Schwartz VA3DGS. Walter and his team (Dave VE3RBA, Robert VE3RXJ and Bob VA3MCK) won with for the high-point total working 20CW.
  • Eric Enns VE3BB requested that an updated membership list be produced and made available to the membership at a nominal cost.
  • Visitor Tom Domonkos VE3FCK spoke of a network of linked repeaters on Sunday nights at 9:30 pm which carries the Amateur Radio Newsline program followed by other traffic. The net can be heard locally via VE3MMX (Brantford) on 145.270/443.350
  • Treasurer Greg Hollinger VE3NXB presented a report on the club finances stating that the current balance of 1349.44 was expected to be augmented by approximately $1500 from the flea market and over $500 from memberships received this evening. After expenses from September’s widely distributed bulletin, the finances should be in good shape with a balance near $3000.
  • Emergency coordinator Ed Spike appealed to the membership for 3 more Canwarn volunteers to provide backup for the existing controllers and that a search was also open for a new Canwarn coordinator.

A motion to adjourn was made by Marg Cassel VE3BLJ, seconded by Mary Riddell VE3MWE and the meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.

Submitted by Dave Schwartz VA3DGS for secretary John Holmans VE3VRA

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