Fred Hammond  VE3HC and his Museum of radio

The Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club has organized a tour of the Hammond Museum of Radio commencing at 14:00 on Sunday November the 30th.

Join us as Fred Hammond takes you on a most interesting tour of the 4,000 square foot 'Hammond Museum of Radio' now home to over 1,000 radios and transmitters.

The Museum dates from the spark era up to and including National's first solid state HRO500, and has evolved to become one of North America's premiere wireless museums.

If you wish to join us, please drop us an email to give Fred an idea as to how many will be on the tour.

Car pooling also makes sense so if you have some additional room OR you need a ride please give us the details.

The following have indicated they have room. Click on their name to send an email to them.

Dave VA3DGS 884-3594 has room for three,
Paul and Marg Cassel 634-5139 have room for one
Roger VE3RKS 885-2122 has room for two.
Gord Hayward VE3EOS has room for oneo.

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The Museum visit does require visitors to climb one set of stairs to the second floor.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Museum


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