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No More Licence Fees 

"amateur radio service" ... a radiocommunication service in which radio apparatus are used for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication or technical investigation by individuals who are interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest;

From: RAC Headquarters 
March 3, 2000 
Amateur Streamlining Becomes Effective April 1, 2000

As part of an initiative to streamline the administrative process for the amateur radio service and remove duplication, Industry Canada will be introducing regulatory amendments as was previously outlined in the discussion paper released last year. A new amateur operator certificate will become the sole document required for the operation of amateur radio equipment. It will replace both the traditional amateur radio licence and operator certificate.  Amateurs will no longer be required to pay a licence issuance fee or annual licence renewal fee. However, amateurs will still be required to advise Industry Canada of a change of mailing address.

A new certificate, consisting of both diploma and wallet size, will be mailed to each amateur currently holding a radio license.  All call signs currently held by amateurs will now appear on the new certificate. Amateur clubs will receive an amateur registration identifying the call signs currently issued to clubs on behalf of the sponsor.

Any amateur that did not hold a radio license prior to March 31, 2000 will be eligible to apply for a call sign. There will be no charge for the initial call sign however, additional or specially requested call signs will now cost $60.00. 

If amateurs move from one call sign region to another, they will still be required to change their call sign but no fee will be charged for such changes.  Likewise, there will be no charge for an amateur updating their mailing address.

For additional information regarding this new streamlined procedure, amateurs should contact the Amateur Service Centre of Industry Canada at:

Industry Canada
Amateur Radio Service Centre
P.O. Box 9654
Postal Station "T"
Ottawa, ON
K1G 6K9

E-Mail address:
Telephone:  1-888-780-3333 (Toll free)
Fax Number:  1-613-991-5575

Additional Info on the Industry Canada Web site

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