KWARC Ham (Amateur) Radio Course

Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club (KWARC) is pleased to offer a Basic Ham Radio Course to facilitate certifying of more amateur radio (HAM) operators.

This year, we will provide the course online. This will be done through a blend of online materials and interaction with the instructors through email and videoconferencing or online meetings.

WHEN: - Spring 2024: Watch here for updates

(You can also Self-Study, see the resources below...)

Course Description:

This course will be a condensed version of the full course offered by various clubs. Participants will be expected to study course materials in advance independently, as well as attend the on-line classroom sessions. The classroom program will consist of an introduction to amateur radio, meet the instructors, introduction to INTERNET self-study, and a discussion of the timetable on the first night. On subsequent nights there will be various "hands on" demonstrations, a practice exam and a Government Examination conducted by the Club Examiners at the end. There will be seven online classroom sessions from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Club member Vic VE3YT has written a 103 page "Successful Guide for the Basic Exam" (in PDF form) organized in the same order as the ISED Question Bank. It teaches exactly what you need to know for the exam. It is $20 for the PDF, of which $10 is contributed to KWARC educational activities, so you're already supporting the club. Email Vic to buy this guide over email. We will be using this book as our "textbook" for the course.

Course instructors will be Roger Sanderson VE3RKS, Gord Hayward VE3EOS, Tim Vegh VA3TMV, Jonathan Fritz VA3JFZ, Dave Lahn VA3DKL, Vic DiCiccio VE3YT, John Klassen VA3IJK and Rick Goetze VE3ZUP

To enroll in the course, please email Roger

Have fun studying and see you at the course!

Self Study:

Some of you who are interested may find that you cannot attend the course, or wish to study on your own. If this is the case, email Roger indicating your desire to self study and a list of useful resources will be provided.

Keep trying the practice exams, and when you feel you are ready to be examined, you can contact Roger and we can set you up with a Volunteer Examiner.