A Brief History of the Guelph,
Kitchener-Waterloo and
South Waterloo Amateur Radio Clubs.

Chapter Three
Memories By Some Early Members

W.H. "Bill" Barrie

James L. Sweet

Newton A. Good

Norman N. Friedmann

Thomas Fraser "DOC" Cummings

J. Gordon MacPhail

Dick Shave

Bill Near

The 1930-1939 years were a long time ago, if we say 1930 then it was 66 years ago. In those days radio equipment was not as complicated as it is to-day but even so it seemed very complex to the amateur of 1930.

We can ask ourselves what was the equipment like, what was it composed of, what were its peculiarities and what results did it provide?

Sixty-six years is a long time ago and many memories of the years then become quite hazy and it may be difficult to obtain a clear picture of what things were like that long ago.

There is one thing we can do...we can go over Blackie Taylor's list of early members and we may find several of the men listed who, believe it or not, have some pretty good memories. Let's try it.

The list showed 17 men as follows:

Hugh Watt Norm Friedmann
Newt Good Connie Gorth
Gord McPhail Earl Stickney
Stan Jackson Fred Hammond
Mac Gammon Bert Chapman
Doc Cummings Fred Holm
Martin Bill Scott
Jim Sweet Bill Barrie
Blacky Taylor     

Several of the above people were contacted and their memories are reproduced here. These men, between them, provide a very good picture of the Progressive Radio Club years.

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