From Small Beginnings

A Brief History of the Guelph,
Kitchener-Waterloo and 
South Waterloo Amateur Radio Clubs.

Produced by the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club Inc.

  • W.R. Carruthers VE3CEA Editor in Chief - SK
  • M.S Killen VE3KK Associate Editor - SK
  • Glenn Sweet VE3GCI Continuity
  • Marg VE3MYM Continuity
  • Paul VE3SY Webmaster



This book contains a story about one of the most interesting hobbies in the world - Amateur Radio. It covers about sixty-one years of what happened in a small section of Ontario Canada and provides some details of the struggle to learn, the galloping pace of technology, the thrill of talking around the world and the fun and trials of natural and manmade emergencies.

Why do men and women desire to become amateur radio people? It seems to me that the answer is that personal control of communication is desired and they obtain this in amateur radio.

Amateur radio broadens people. As they roam the world with their equipment they become part of the whole public picture. They make friends in the British Isles, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and hundreds more countries. They assist in providing communication in cases of sickness, fire, flood, earthquakes and other emergencies.

Ross Carruthers VE3CEA All amateurs start in a small way and gradually build up stations capable of world-wide transmission. They all have to start their hobby "From Small Beginnings ".

W.R. "Ross" Carruthers VE3CEA
Silent Key

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