From Small Beginnings

A Brief History of the Guelph,
Kitchener-Waterloo and 
South Waterloo Amateur Radio Clubs.

Produced by the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club.

Chapter Seven
The South Waterloo
Amateur Radio Club

Editor Note:
Sometimes finding documented history on which to base an article is difficult to come by. In this case the source of our information will be in the form of a letter from Ernie Crump to Ross Carruthers and will be presented as it was written.

					790 Regent Street,
						Cambridge, Ontario,
						N3H 2V3
						Jan 20, 1984.

 Ross Carruthers,
 256 Alexandra Ave.,
 Waterloo, Ont.
 N2L 1M8.

 Dear Ross,

	At the Cambridge DX Society dinner last week, Marshall
 VE3KK stated that you were interested in the formation of 
 the South Waterloo Amateur Radio Club.
	Since then I have tried to track down the original 
 minutes of the early years of the club to no avail. The 
 latest minutes the present secretary has are from 1978.
	I was one of the founding members and the first 
 holder of VE3SWA. I secured that call for the club at 
 its inception in 1964.
	The driving force behind the founding of SWARC 
 was George Jefferies who at that time was not licenced 
 and I was. He coerced me into helping him start the 
 club and arrange a course to get him and several others 
 licenced. George became VE3EUQ shortly thereafter. At 
 that time I was VE3EGG.

	Other originals, or soon after inception members 

		Murray Fisk who became VE3FUU
		Dave Dixon who became VE3DXO
		Ron Schindler VE3DXI
		Keith Kaufman  VE3CTY, Earl's late brother.
		Russ Tousaw  who became VE3GMJ
		Len Morris  who became VE3FJB
		Dave Bell who became VE3CSB
		Bruce Tawse  who became VE3CET
		Stan Jackson VE3IC
		Neil Hancock                          
		Bill and John Woodfield VE3CYK
		Ralph Korchensky  VE3EUK    
		Paul Cassel VE3AVY, now VE3SY

	It would appear that the original lists and minutes 
 have not been passed on to the secretaries and have 
 been lost during the twenty plus years.
	George Jefferies passed away in 1971/72. He was 
 the force behind the club. I was overwhelmed by his 
 enthusiasm and secured the call and wrote the 
 original constitution, conned my dad into printing 
 QSL's, letterheads, cards etc for free.
	I sure miss George and his infectious love for his 
 new found hobby.
 Here's hoping that this letter has cleared up the birth 
 of the SWARC for you. If there are any other questions 
 please call me at home.

	Best of luck,

	Ernie Crump VE3OU,ex VE3EGG.

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