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The Basic Licence

The Basic qualification allows the operator to use any of the Ham radio frequencies above 50MHz at up to 250 watts FM or 560 watts SSB. (Most people never use more than 100 watts even for around the world contacts)

The typical uses for this type of licence are local car, hand-held, and base station FM 5-50 watt chit-chat usually involving one of the local repeaters. The range for this type of communication is typically 100Km or less in any given direction from the repeater. One local repeater is VE3KSR.

Other typical uses for this class of certificate are:

  • 2 and 6m DX'ing (attempting long range contacts).
  • Satellite communications (using the Ham radio satellites)
  • Amateur television broadcasting.
  • Fox hunting (hidden transmitter locating contests)

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