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How to become Ham
in Canada

To become an Amateur radio operator in Canada you must obtain an operators certificate and a station licence. The Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club provides courses for area Ham enthusiasts wishing to become hams, as well as advanced classes for Basic licence holders wishing to upgrade their licence.

Industry and Science Canada issues the certificates after the applicant has passed a test.  KWARC also provides government approved examiners who give the exam for each of the certificate types.

There are 4 types of certificates

  1. Basic Qualification
  2. Basic with Honours (score of 80% or above),
  3. Morse Code (5 w.p.m.) Qualification
  4. Advanced Qualification

The basic qualification is a prerequisite to the other three which can then be obtained in any order. Each certificate grants more privileges to the operator but the basic level is all that is needed to get on the air.

The station licence gives you your call letters. This is your identity on the air.   There no longer any annual fee for this licence

Interested in what the Morse Code characters are?  Click here

Wish to see some sample questions?  Click Here and download and install on your PC this Windows based Industry Canada self examination program.

Thank you to Kevin Lenz VE6LNZ for the use of his becoming a Ham Radio Operator material.